Hot Water Systems

We Supply Hot Water Systems That Meet Your Needs

Your hot water needs are very individual. You may need domestic hot water, commercial hot water, hydronic heating or pool heating. Whether you want to supply a home, or a hospital, we've done it.


At SmartHeat, we don't limit you to just one type of heat source. You can choose from a wide range that includes domestic gas heaters, gas boilers, electric HWSs, biomass heaters, and solar, including both evacuated tubes and heat pumps. Let's look at your choices.

300 litre electric hot water system.

Electric Hot Water Storage Systems

For generations, the electric storage hot water system has been the system of choice for most home owners and many commercial clients.

The system cost has been very competitive and fuel supply has not been a limitation- everyone has electricity connected.

Small tanks to suit a flat, to whole banks of tanks to supply a commercial building, electric storage hot water systems can work in any situation.

At SmartHeat, you can choose from a range of sizes from 50 to 5,000 litres. These can be linked together to provide larger capacity systems, and extra storage capacity can easily be added.


Choose from gas, electric, biofuel, heat pump, solar... it's your choice.

Gas Hot Water Systems

In the past, gas storage hot water systems were very popular.

Over the last generation, the introduction of instantaneous gas heaters provided an economical alternative to storage systems. Due to low capital cost, they have progressively become almost the default hot water heater in new homes.

In the commercial field and in applications like the central heating of homes and commercial buildings, gas boilers were the standard offering.

SmartHeat can supply a gas hot water system tailored to your needs.


SmartHeat evacuated tube solar hot water system.

Solar Hot Water Systems- Evacuated Tubes

On-the-roof solar hot water systems harness the heat of the sun to produce hot water.

Whilst the capital cost of a solar system may be a bit higher than electric storage or instantaneous gas, you just can't beat the fuel cost.

There is not much competition between the state-of-the-art technologies in solar hot water, flat plates and evacuated tubes, as all serve an important role in heating.

Evacuated tube systems are lighter, the replacement of individual tubes is very low and the efficiency is legendary.

With a flat plate system, it is inefficient in the early mornings and late afternoon, because the sun is striking the plate at a low angle. Only at midday, does a flat plate have high efficiency.

With evacuated tubes, their spacing and circular geometry means that the sun is perpendicular to the tube all day long. Evacuated tube systems can be stand-alone systems, or act as boosting for hot water, pool heating, hydronic heating.

SmartHeat have helped homeowners with smaller systems and powered the RPA and Concord Hospitals, as well as many other large installations. We'd love to help you too.


Stiebel eltron domestic heat pump hot water system.

Solar Hot Water Systems- Heat Pumps

The word 'heat pump' can sound very unfamiliar to most people. They've never had one and they don't know anyone who has. Except that's not right.

Everyone is familiar with heat pumps. They're in every home. They have exotic names like fridge and freezer, and air conditioning. They're all doing one thing- pumping heat from one side of a barrier to the other. A refrigerator or freezer pumps heat out of the cabinet. The items inside get cold and the kitchen gets a bit warmer.

A heat pump hot water system collects heat from the atmosphere and uses it to heat water. It is classified as a solar hot water system because the sun is the source of the heat in the air. A heat pump can reduce your hot water bill by up to 70%, compared to an electric HWS. SmartHeat can help you with a choice of industry-leading heat pump systems.


Which Hot Water Source Is Best For You?

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