Heat Pumps

What Is A Heat Pump?

Discover The Right Heat Pump To Suit Your Needs

A heat pump moves heat from one space to another.

Right now, there are one or more heat pumps in your own home. They go by the names of a refrigerator, freezer or an air conditioner.

Think about what they all do. All three products move heat from one space to another. In the case of refrigerators or freezers, they move heat out of the fridge or freezer cabinet into your kitchen and cool your food in the process. In the case of the air conditioner, the heat is pumped from inside your home to the outside air, cooling your home. So heat pumps are great at cooling spaces, but they can also heat.

A reverse-cycle air conditioner pumps heat from the outside air into your home in the form of hot air. A heat pump hot water system pumps heat from the outside air (or water, or ground) and uses it to heat water. A heat pump is very economical as it uses little energy to capture a lot of energy. A heat pump using 1 kW of electricity could be heating as much water as 4 kW element. Technically, we'd call that a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 4 but financially, we'd call it a saving of 75%. Heat pump hot water systems can save you a lot of money and also greatly reduce your carbon footprint.


Domestic Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Traditionally, we've usually used gas or electricity to heat our hot water. With the price of both fuels dramatically increasing, the efficiency of heat pumps is being more commonly used to produce hot water for homes. With many brands on the market, we only outsource those that uphold excellence in quality such as Stiebel Eltron from Germany and Sanden from Japan.

The Bosch S300 domestic heat pump hot water system.

Bosch S3000 heat pump

Stiebel eltron domestic heat pump hot water system.

Stiebel Eltron heat pump

The Sanden Eco Domestic Heat Pump hot water system.

Sanden Eco heat pump

Domestic Swimming Pool & Spa Heat Pumps

You love your swimming pool and want to extend your swimming season as long as possible.

Whether your pool or spa heater is fuelled by gas or electricity, you've seen your bills accumulate over the years. The accumulating energy bills impede you from extending the time you spend in your pool or spa.

The SmartHeat pool and spa heat pump can reduce your pool and spa heating cost by more than 70% and add more months of swimming for you and your family.


SmartHeat's domestic swimming pool heat pump hot water system will save you money.

SmartHeat Domestic Pool Heat Pump

Spa pool heating is expensive. A SartHeat spa pool heat pump is very economical.

SmartHeat Domestic Spa Pool Heat Pump.

Commercial Swimming Pool Heat Pump Hot Water Systems and Dehumidifiers.

SmartHeat is proud to have provided pool heating and hot water heat pump systems to numerous Australian aquatic centres, including Mossvale Aquatic Centre and Hawkesbury Council Oasis Aquatic Centre.

No matter the size of the pool, you can choose a SmartHeat Heat Pump to do the job, from 26 kW to 220 kW.

V Style Commercial Pool Heat Pump

SmartHeat Pool Dehumidifier

SmartHeat Hydronic Heating-Cooling and Hot Water Heat Pumps

When hydronic heating and cooling systems are being used and/or large quantities of hot water are required, SmartHeat heat pumps are the solution.

  1. If your requirements are for hydronic heating and/or domestic 50°C hot water, we have a range of heat pumps from 5.1 kW to 13.5 kW- single phase power
  2. If your needs are greater and you still only need 50°C hot water then our 3-phase range offers units from 13.5 kW to 25.5 kW
  3. If you require hydronic heating but require commercial temperature hot water- 80°C, we offer the Polaris High Temperature heat pump models from 13.2 kW to 60.1 kW- with 3-phase power
  4. If you are in a low temperature area, choose the Polaris Low Temperature Range. All 4 models, from 9.9 kW to 34 kW, can operate in temperatures as low as -25°C - single and 3-phase power

Whatever your hydronic heating/cooling and hot water needs are, there's a SmartHeat heat pump for you.


Hydronic + 50C Hot Water

Hydronic+50C Hot water. 3-Phase.

Hydronic+80C Hot water. 3-Phase.

Works Down To -25C

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