Energy Recovery Ventilation

What is Energy Recovery Ventilator?

The Energy Recovery Ventilators are a space saving fully ducted cross flow heat exchanger system and are one of the most energy efficient on the market integrating heat pump technology, designed to recover the heat of the exhaust air to improve the cooling and heating performance which in turn controls air quality and comfort within your home.

Ongoing exposure to very high levels of humidity and indoor air contaminants, pollens allergens can trigger a range of health problems such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions that can directly affect your family’s health.

As building efficiency has improved with insulation they have become more airtight, and consequently less well ventilated.

A house requires a source of fresh air, and the need for heat recovery ventilators has become increasingly obvious.

While opening a window will provide ventilation, the building’s heat and humidity will then be lost in the winter and gained in the summer, which are undesirable for the internal climate and for the homes total energy efficiency.

Our system introduces fresh air to house and improves climate control, whilst promoting efficient energy use.

The HPERV 500 & HPERV 700 advanced triple filtration solves those problems by providing a healthier indoor environment with all year – round ventilation.

It does more than simply evacuate stale contaminated air- the system:

  • Controls dust mites and mould,
  • Removes harmful pollutants and moisture,
  • Provides fresh filtered air,
  • Recovers up to 80% of heat from stale air,
  • Enhances energy efficiency,
  • Reduces draughts.



Learn How Energy Recovery Can Benefit You.

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