Domestic Hot Water

Continuous Innovation

At SmartHeat we are curious not only with the function and performance of our range of hot water systems both commercially and domestically but with the emotional role they play in people’s lives.

For us, innovation and design are a human endeavour to make life better.Continuous innovation is part of the SmartHeat design philosophy.

That’s why we recommend and designing a system using various options available to produce the maximum amount of hot water required for each individual business or household.

by either installing Solar Hot Water, Heat Pump Technology, Biomass Heating Instantaneous, Gas Hot Water, Electrical Hot Water

Our domestic and commercial systems can supply all your underfloor and heating while taking care of any recreational pool requirements and general hot water needs, if solar is installed we would factor in a component utilising an instantaneous natural gas or an electrical system as back up.
We have introduced new biomass range from KLOVER in Italy. The very efficient clean Biomass solid fuel wood fired and pellet cook tops, boilers and heaters, will heat the whole home beautifully during those cold periods and provide you with all your hot water too.
We have the expertise to design a hot water system to suit your needs.
By incorporating the combination of the SH500 II with one of our hydronic options you could reduce your energy consumption by well over 60% -100%.


Again the flexibility of the design options available to Smartheat allows you to look at various options to heat the house and water. From various instantaneous gas hydronic boilers.

To a wide selection of electric domestic hot water electrically heat tanks. Ranging from 50L 200L 300L in capacity.

Which Is The Best Hot Water System For Your Needs?

Would you like more information on your hot water system choices? You can call our Sydney Office on 1300 186 667, our Canberra Office on 1300 732 807, use the email addresses below, or use our Contact Form. Your comfort is our concern.