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Heating and Cooling Solutions For Canberra and the Region

Heating and cooling for our homes and buildings is vital in Canberra, and in the surrounding Region. Winter temperatures are regularly well below zero degrees, and Summer temperatures can soar past the 40C mark. A look at any weather forecast will usually show that Canberra has a greater range of temperature on any given day than any other Capital City in Australia. Greater extremes of temperature through the day, and greater extremes through the year. This all means that the task of heating and cooling- of our comfort- is more important here, than almost anywhere else in Australia. So if that's the problem, what's the answer?

There isn't one answer, There isn't one technology. There isn't a single solution, because we all have individual circumstances and needs. What will help you most, is to be able to discuss your heating and cooling needs with a local business that understands local conditions, one that is 'technology agnostic'.  What does that mean?

It means a business that can offer a whole range of technologies that singly, or working together, can meet your individual needs. A business that provides what you need, not what they have to sell. Someone like SmartHeat.

Canberra hydronic heating and hot water system showroom.
Hydronic heating canberra'

Hydronic Heating for Canberra? You Could Really Warm To The Idea.

Hydronic heating (and cooling) just makes so much sense in Canberra and our surrounding Region. Extremely low Winter temperatures mean that a hydronic  heating system will keep you and your family quietly and comfortably warm, at a very economical running cost, using a range of heat sources. In the very hot Canberra Summer, a hydronic system can cool you, too.

Hot water in Canberra is important.

Hot Water for Canberra? We Give You Plenty of Options

We all need a good supply of hot water, particularly on a cold Canberra Winter morning! You need a system that won't run out of hot water when you need it most, or cripple your budget in the process.

SmartHeat offers you a wide range of heat sources to choose from- see the choices below.

The Royal Military College at Duntroon trusted SmartHeat for their hot water system. You can, too.

Solar hit water for Canberra- standalone, or boosting, evacuated tubes or heat pump.

Solar Hot Water- Amost Free From The Sun

A solar hot water system is the answer to the question "How can I get plenty of hot water, but keep my power bills as low as possible?"

Because the sun is the source of it's heat, a solar hot water system uses very little energy. On -the-roof evacuated tube solar hot water systems need power for a small circulating pump. Heat pump hot water systems are classed as solar systems, because the sun heats the air that they draw heat from. While heat pump solar hot water sysems use more energy than evacuated tubes, they use much less than traditional energy source.

Hydronic heating? Hot water? Gas, electric, solar heat pump and biomass sources? Air conditioning? Canberra has Smartheat.

Heat For Your Hot Water Or Hydronic Heating Can Come From Many Sources. You Choose.

Not everyone wants the same source of heat for their hot water system or hydronic heating system.  What are the choices?

Electricity. It's fast, it's clean, and almost everyone is on the grid.

Gas. Instantaneous gas hot water systems are very popular, as are gas hydronic boilers. Off the gas grid, unfortunately, bottled gas can be expensive.

Solar. As a standalone system, or just as a booster, evacuated tube systems just love the Canberra sunshine. When you don't have the roofspace for evacuated tubes, even when the sun isn't shining, a heat pump produces plenty of hot water at a price you'll appreciate.

Biomass. Whether it's for a touch of luxury in town, or taking advantage of free firewood on a rural property, biomass heaters come in a variety of types and styles. Choose from wood, or wood pellets as your energy source for your hot water and hydronic heating needs.


Canberra hydronic heating and hot water system showroom.

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